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Open Wednesday - Friday 2pm - 6pm, Saturday 11am - 6pm.  You may also call us 24/7 at (607)483-2890 and we will open the store for you.  Email  Phone (607)483-2890

Weekly Rates

Weekly rates Include 3 days of pick up from the Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries around Seneca Lake.  7 days of locker rental in our secure, climate controlled facility.  At the end of your stay we will deliver all your purchases where your staying.

1-3 Cases $55.00

​4-6 Cases $100.00

7-9 Cases $150.00

10-12 Cases 190.00

13-20 Cases $240.00

​21-30 Cases $360.00

31-40 Cases $450.00

One Day Pick Up Rates

Only touring around Seneca Lake one Day?  These option's are the best taste for you!  They include one day of pick up's from the Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries around Seneca Lake and Delivery to where your staying that same day!

1-3 Cases $35.00

4-6 Cases $60.00

7-9 Cases $95.00​​

10-12 Cases $110.00

13-20 Cases $160.00

21-30 Cases $250.00

31-40 Cases $300.00

Visiting the Finger Lakes?  Plan to sample some of the local wine and spirits?  Let us help you simplify your stay, you never have to carry your purchases until it time to UnCork NY! 

Here's How:

1. Purchase your favorite beverage's at participating Wineries, distilleries and Breweries around Seneca Lake

2. Leave your purchases at the business

3. Finger Lakes Wine Lockers will pick up all your purchases at the end of the day and store them in our secure, climate controlled facility until your stay in the Finger Lakes has ended.

4. Pick up your purchases at Finger Lakes Wine Lockers on your way home or have us deliver them to you where your staying

Never feel as your beverages are being held hostage.  Call our cell phone at (607)483-2890 at anytime day or night.  We will pick up and hand deliver your specific bottle request's.

Only touring around Seneca Lake for one Day?  Check out our low priced, Single Day bottle pick up with delivery to your hotel, residence or event.